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NEW YORK – November 4 – Vanity Fair today announces Vanity Fair Hollywood,” a new entertainment destination on YouTube dedicated to covering the art of entertainment and the power of personality through original cinematic storytelling. Having nearly doubled its YouTube subscribers in the past year, Vanity Fair aims to double down on the tremendous popularity of its original video content and continue to provide access to the prestigious world of Hollywood through intimate celebrity moments, along with craft- and trade-focused interviews. 

As part of the launch, Vanity Fair has published a brand new installment of its popular new series, “Lie Detector Test,” featuring the power couple on the cover of the December issue, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

The new and continued series being produced for Vanity Fair Hollywood are tailor-made for Vanity Fair’s audience, which seeks to gain unprecedented access with talented, famous people to learn what they think and how they live. As part of the launch, Vanity Fair Hollywood is debuting two new series: "Slow Zoom" and "The Art of the Coming Attraction: Trailers Trends Explained,”and announcing the launch of two more, which will debut later this month: "Great Pretender" and "VF Reviews: True Crime.”

Additionally, Vanity Fair Hollywood will be launching two new spinoff series: "Pivotal Career Moments" and "Surprise Showcase," along with brand new episodes of "Lie Detector Test," “Impress me,” "Story So Far," and "In Focus."

While Vanity Fair continues to focus on its original video content, the brand is enjoying tremendous growth, especially on YouTube. As of this moment, Vanity Fair has more than 2 million subscribers on its YouTube channel (up +95% versus this time last year.) It has also surpassed 370 million views (+69% vs. the prior year), and 1.5 billion minutes of watch time (+88% vs. the prior year.) As of September 2019, Vanity Fair videos are averaging just over 12 minutes of content per new upload (+45% increase in run time, or approximately four minutes), compared to September 2018, when it was just over 8 minutes. And Vanity Fair’s Hollywood-focused series have been especially successful, with “Lie Detector Test” garnering more than 102 million views on YouTube with 659 million minutes watched, “Career Timeline” with more than 33 million views and 226 million minutes watched, and “Notes on a Scene” capturing more than 32 million views and 183 million minutes watched.

Below is a complete list of new Vanity Fair Hollywood programming:

  • [NEW] In “Slow Zoom,” Vanity Fair asks people, like Hasan Minhaj, increasingly intimate questions, ranging from “what’s your favorite color” to “what would you save from your house in a fire.” The interview begins in an extreme wide shot, with talent across the room from the camera (almost shouting the answers). And then, every time a question is asked, the camera moves closer. By the end of the video, the subject is in an extreme close-up shot and answering the most intimate questions of the interview.

  • [NEW] In “The Art of the Coming Attraction: Trailers Trends Explained,” Vanity Fair speaks with a movie trailer expert to best understand why certain creative choices are made when compiling a movie trailer. Topics will include: how music can make a trailer, why trailers need to spoil the plot, the evolutions of trailer trends and tropes, and more.

  • [NEW] In “The Great Pretender,” Vanity Fair follows talent through the trials and tribulations of adopting new skills that actors are expected to adopt for certain roles. The viewer will follow talent through their journey as they try to perfect a Boston accent, engage in sword-to-sword combat, play the piano, and achieve a whole slew of other skills.

  • [NEW] In “VF Reviews: True Crime,” established experts are shown clips from movies relating directly to their specialty (heists, cons, car chases, etc.). The expert offers critical analyses of the clip from their unique perspective, ultimately forming an in-depth look at how different methods are portrayed on screen.

  • [NEW] In “Pivotal Career Moments,” talents ranging from Hans Zimmer to Johnny Knoxville walk the viewer through all the milestone moments from their career. They talk about movies, roles, and major life events, commenting on how their career evolved, why they decided to take on specific projects, and how it affected their trajectory.

  • [NEW] In “Surprise Showcase,” Vanity Fair invites the biggest names in Hollywood to step inside the “Vanity Fair Surprise Showcase Theater.” Similar to VF’s successful franchise, “Secret Talent Theater,” this series breaks out of the straightforward interview format and allows viewers to see the natural talent of their favorite celebrities shine through as they act out a pre-selected scenario ranging from dramatic monologue reads to improvised emotions.

  • [NEW EPISODES] In “Lie Detector Test,” Vanity Fair Hollywood gives celebrities the chance to prove themselves with a bona fide lie detector test. Occupiers of the hot seat, like Jennifer Lawrence, Wiz Khalifa, and Melissa McCarthy, will have to answer a series of questions about everything from life lessons to friendships, and dive into topics about philosophy, pop culture, and their careers while being monitored for telling the truth.

  • [NEW EPISODES] In “Impress Me,” various cast members, such as Tom Kenny, review a myriad of people (with varying skill levels) doing impressions of them or their characters online. The viewer gets authentic real-time reactions of the actor watching the impression, before listening to them critique it.

  • [NEW EPISODES] In “Story So Far,” a celebrity or cast ("IT Chapter Two”) explains why the viewer should watch their TV show or movie, answering a series of questions about what makes the show exciting, the characters compelling, and the plot twists riveting. A presentation guides them along the way as they flip through slides that include things like the show’s notable scenes, big characters, and fan reactions (like memes, tweets, outlandish fan theories, and headlines).

  • [NEW EPISODES] “In Focus” asks an expert to break down filmmaking techniques and rules around a central craft. As they explain, the look of the video transforms, visually bringing each technique to life.

The debut of Vanity Fair Hollywood is made possible with help from launch sponsor, Genesis Motor America.


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