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 September 28, 2018 
 “I think it’s a little insecurity on [Shaq’s] part because
people call him "Superman" and they call me "Superman.”

- Dwight Howard in SLAM
Our pumpkin pancakes and cream cheese cinnamon rolls will
make you actually want to get out of bed on a cool morning.
Havas Subpoenaed Over Media-Buying Practices
Havas has reportedly been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors over the U.S.'s ongoing investigation into media-buying practices...

Condé Nast Taps Katy Olson As Editor of AD Pro
Folio:'s Kayleigh Barber reports and recaps more people on the move across magazine media.

Hearst UK Names Effie Kanyua Director of PR
Hearst UK announced former Bauer Media comms lead Effie Kanyua as its director of PR and communications.

America Magazine Un-Endorses Brett Kavanaugh
America's editors said Kavanaugh's nomination "is no longer in the best interests of the country."

Data Points: Harnessing Analytics and Measurement
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More on The City Launches in Partnership with New York
New York is partnering with The City, offering tech, editorial, design, and distribution support and access to its audience.
Kanye West Shows Up to Fader Magazine Offices Wearing MAGA Hat and Kaepernick Sweatshirt
"On Thursday morning, Kanye West made an appearance at Fader magazine’s offices. For a rapper with an album coming out in a few days, that’s not that surprising."

High Times Acquires Dope Magazine and Enlarges Cannabis Reach
...Valued at $11.2 million-Dope publishes eight local editions across six states and ships more than 1 million copies a year through its network, which counts cannabis retailers among its majority.

Adweek’s Jeff Litvack: Innovation to Inspire Staffers
How the CEO of a nearly 40-year-old b2b advertising brand is providing his team with the resources they need to reach each community in the industry.

6 Ways to Adjust to Google’s Emphasis on Authors in Revised Search Guidelines
"“Google is placing a brand new emphasis on the creator or author of the main content of the page, whereas before the emphasis was entirely on the website reputation,” writes Jennifer Slegg at The SEM Post.

The MPA Magazine Media Factbook 2018 Is Here
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December 3  Data Points

February 5
   American Magazine Media Conference 2019

Hearst Connecticut Media Group and the Connecticut Mirror Announce Cross-Platform Content Partnership

Working Mother Names “100 Best Companies” for 2018

New York Media Launches New York Stories

Science News for Students Launches Climate Change Chronicles

Meredith to Sell TIME Media Brand to Marc and Lynne Benioff

Digital Writer-Editor | Chicago Reader | Chicago, IL

Editor | HOME Magazine | Lynchburg, VA

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