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 September 25, 2018 
 “I’m used to the taste of rodent by now. When
charred properly (meaning: totally), it tastes sort
of like tough chicken on toothpick drummettes…”

- Ted Alvarez in Backpacker
These real brides share why getting
married young worked well for them.
- Martha Stewart Weddings
"Magazines Are Dead," Debunked
MPA president and CEO Linda Thomas-Brooks spoke out against a latest round of "magazines are dead" trope.

InStyle Partners with Amazon for eCommerce
“The millions of women who come to InStyle every day don't just want to be inspired to buy, they expect automated commerce.

Cosmopolitan Taps Augmented Reality for Virtual Try-Ons
"Readers can snap a photo of a QR code, which will take them to a destination where they can choose a try-on experience and test the look..."

Inside New Weight Watchers’ Mobile App Strategy
Weight Watchers is building out its mobile app to become a personalized wellness platform that stands on its own.

How Rob Vargas Is Changing GQ for 2018— Florals, Humor, and Clean Design
"When I first became interested in magazines, fashion titles in particular were a big draw for me.

MNI Adds 3 Magazines, Expands Options for Advertisers
MNI is adding three new magazines to its roster: Better Homes & Gardens, Parents and Parents Latina.
FIPP's James Hewes: Key Trends in EU Publishing: Buying, Selling and Everything in-Between
This is the first of a series of articles sharing FIPP’s view of the key trends affecting the publishing industry.

Cookies and Scenes Given Away at Pop-Up Magazine
"...Audience members were handed programs that contained cellophane-wrapped envelopes, and also cellophane-wrapped cookies."

Girl Scouts to Begin Nut, Candy and Magazine Program
During the Program, girls offer customers gourmet candy, nuts and snack mixes, candles, tumblers, and subscriptions to popular magazines.

Nope, There Isn’t a Podcast Bubble
"It’s up to you to decide if the existence of a podcast bubble should take up your concern."

Marketer Lowers Snap Ad Forecast
"...Snap will generate $662.1 million in net US ad revenue, lower than the $1.03 billion eMarketer had projected last March."

Magfest 2018 Review, Scotland
Magfest 2018 brought together many of the UK’s publishing professionals at Edinburgh’s Central Hall.

The MPA Magazine Media Factbook 2018 Is Here
Featuring 20% more independent research, statistics and facts that articulate the power of magazine media.

February 5   American Magazine Media Conference 2019

Working Mother Names “100 Best Companies” for 2018

New York Media Launches New York Stories

Science News for Students Launches Climate Change Chronicles

Meredith to Sell TIME Media Brand to Marc and Lynne Benioff

Glamour: Hasan Minhaj Is TV's Fresh New Voice

Rihanna Graces Cover of Allures's Annual "Best of Beauty" Issue

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